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I've been working at Google as a software engineer since September 2015. This homepage will still be updated with my recent research activities.

Profile Picture I am a recent Software Engineering Ph.D. graduate from the department of Institute for Software Research at Carnegie Mellon University. My advisor was Dr. Brad Myers.

My research goal is to make developers more productive by providing better development tools. To achieve this goal, my research involves understanding developer behaviors, identifying problems, and designing tools to help with those problems using various HCI methods at each stage.

Specifically, my thesis work is about supporting developers' backtracking by providing selective undo feature to the code editors.

Before coming to CMU, I was a full-time developer at Nexon Corporation, where I participated in developing a 3D multi-player online action role playing game called "Mabinogi: Heroes" (a.k.a. "Vindictus" in North America) for three and a half years.

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Email: youngseok (at) cs.cmu.edu

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